Happy Bag

This smiling bag came for me yesterday. Oh, he came late but he still made me happy.













My loots. Mostly pasalubong. None for me. And the money I used is from my part time gig, so yey for my budget!!


For my niece Janna, Gap Hoodie, AED 36 (P 432). Love the color and it’s fleece! So soft and fluffy. Wish they had this in my size.


Next are cute tights for my “apo” Zhianna. AED 4 (P48) each.  I love the colors and it stretches in the bum to accommodate those bulky nappies.

Sperry (Top Sider) White Sandals for our Inday Rose. AED 62 (P744) I promised her an Ipanema but I was not able to go back to Outlet Mall.  I’m happier with this choice anyway.


Lastly, for my little man. Carters Shirts. The “My Dad Rocks”  onesie is AED 15 (P 180). (I thought it was only 9 Dirhams, I really should review my cart before I check it out.) The long sleeve tee is AED 9 (P108). The materials are so so soft.


AED 130 plus AED 13 shipping fee, total spent AED 143 (AED 1,716). Not bad. The pasalubongs went in the box last night. Almost ready to be shipped home! Yey!

Pardon the terrible photos, it was late and my camera quit on me.

I bought it all from Brands for Less UAE. This is my 3rd transaction, the first 2 went smoothly. This one hit a snag. When I made the payment, the amount was debited from my Credit Card but the items were still on my cart. Several calls to their hotline and it was sorted out. The company’s call reps seems to be all Filipina, that is why they are awesome and attentive. Can’t wait for my next pay-ins so I can shop again!

Thursday. Report day for me at the office. Gah! But we are going on a day trip tomorrow so I can’t wait.


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