No Spend April

2013_83way_1_innerbigIt’s the first of April, I am diving head first to a challenge. A 30 day no spend month. It is scaring the bejezzez out of me and I am unprepared. But it is now or never. I have been thinking of doing this challenge for the longest time but my impulse online shopping is just too hard to resist. Now money is tight and it is time to be smart. I was to stock my pantry and purchase everything forehand but I did not. Not off to a good start but here we go.

Why exactly? Because it had been 7 years since I landed in the sandy desert and I have nothing to show for it except my little Pot-pot. It is time to buckle up and man up!

Following this smart lady’s plan,

So what’s the plan?
– Buy only the necessities

– Bring lunch

– Do not buy toys and clothes

– Pay all bills on time

That is all for now. I hope I can keep it up. My mantra starting today is “Every Dirham Counts.”



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