April Projects

April is Lent Month. Lent means, sacrifices, second chances, betterment. Because of this I have decided to tackle some projects. All at the same time. Because I’m an optimist and stupid at the same time. Here’s the list that mocks me.

1. No spend month via http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/31-days/livingwellspendingzero/

This is such a great idea, I started out all gung-ho not spending a dirham but then I went to the mall for groceries this weekend and failed miserably. Stupid sales and buy one take ones. Aarrrgh! But as per my forum buddies, just get back on the horse and do better. I am trying to track my spending by Goodbudget app in my phone but somehow its not working. I will try and twerk it today so hopefully it will work. I am also thinking of installing the app in hubby’s phone but I’m not yet that brave, nor transparent apparently. *Sheepish grin*

2. Project Balik Alindog via http://www.mommyfleur.com/?s=project+balik+alindog

Honestly not even to be sexy but to, at least, fit into my old clothes again. I do have some pretty stuff and I hate to part with them especially since some of them are kinda expensive! And after the “Rutchel, y no bath?” fiasco. I must admit I need to get out of the frump.

Weighed myself yesterday, scary digits came back. I hope the upcoming events in the next months should motivate me.

3. Organize/Clean Home via http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.ae/2014/03/monthly-clean-home-challenge.html

The house is a mess! I am becoming more and more lazy. I am just letting mother hen take over the housework. But with her good intentions and ADHD (joke! joke! joke!), our house is half clean, half organized. Just need more Stresstabs and good music to kick it off.
Jen at Iheartorganizing have a printable list, I hope it can produce results no matter how slowly it will take.

4. Montesorri at home via http://thefreechild.blogspot.ae/search/label/Montessori%20infant

I really want Rhylie to have an stimulating, fun, organized place to grow and learn but instead he has this:Image



* Hanging my head in shame.

I promised myself I will not expose him to a bunch of electronic toys but now, my go to solution for a little peace and quiet is a youtube playlist of his favorite nursery rhymes. He even knows how to swipe the iPhone and press buttons. So I failed on that. Let me just dust myself and will get back on the saddle.

Thank goodness April is a long month and I am allowing my self as many chances as I can . I just have to let go of the perfectionist, pessimist, procrastinist, in me. I will try and update when I can. Maybe a themed day?


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