Rhylie’s 1st Birthday – Planning or rather Lack of Planning

As I type this, I am being harassed (halfway ’round the world, mind you) by my BFF to move my a** and finalized the many details for Rhylie’s birthday. I really don’t know why but I am so chill and unpanicky. It is so not like me. Even the BFF commented, that I put more preparation (and panic) in other people’s parties I have thrown over the years. Toinks! I guess my party planning mojo’s thrown off because of the recent drama that I am still going through. Just a couple more days and I will hit my stride and plunge head first. Anyhoo, the venue is booked, invite is almost ready, giveaways are on its away. So that’s 3 down, the latter 2 of which is courtesy of my BFF all the way from China. Ain’t he awesome? I love you ne, just wanna throw that in there.

At least for today, I will list all the things that needed to be done and purchased and planned.

As a consolation for my procrastination, here is a sneak peak from Rhylie’s photoshoot.


Ain’t he cute? Special shout out to our pro-bono photographer Tito RL, whose availability, kindness, patience and willingness is unabashedly always taken advantage by the me.

K, wish me luck!


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