Montessori at Home

I was supposed to start montessori at home when Rhylie was 9 months old. But honestly I got overwhelmed. He is now 14 months and I am starting fresh. We had been doing little activities and he is doing great. He follows instructions well and can actually concentrate on a single task for a few minutes. But he stills gums everything he can grab so he must be supervised when doing activities that has small objects.

Here’s what we had been doing so far:


Inserting pompoms into an empty soda bottle then shaking it to empty it out. This is a hit! I can have a few minutes minutes of silence. When we started, he puts the pompoms in his mouth so I had to watch him vigilantly at first.


Animal sorting. This one is a fail. He does enjoy putting the animals inside the ark but he doe not put them in their correct slots. He just put the animals on their side and insert them to the alligator slot since the hole is longer. That is kinda smart of him. But I am keeping this on hold and will reintroduce later.


Blocks. This one is a hit. He can stack them high and a bonus, he knows to put the blocks back in their tray. Yey for that!


Magnets. We are using my old chalkboard/magnetic board and some magnets we have on hand. This is a hit. He loves it. But he still puts the magnets in his mouth and I am paranoid. So, this is also on hold.


We were in Red Lobster in Dubai and while waiting for our food, Rhylie got antsy. Instead of flipping out the iPhone as usual, we insert sugar/creamer packet tubes in an empty water bottle. A few minutes of silence. Then he got tired of it and started throwing the packets on the floor. So, we whipped out the iPhone. =(


Some supplies I got for future activities. There are so little options here in Ras Al Khaimah so I have to use my imagination a lot. I went to a thrift store (RAK Palace) and bought all of the items in the picture except for the pompom balls. That, I got that from Daiso.

I have likewise created a list of Montessori activities he can do at home for the next week:

1. Open and Shut – Just some containers/boxes/bags that he can open and close.

2. Color Sorting – self explanatory.

3. Animal Basket – to develop word recognition and teach animal sounds.

4. Hats/Shoes/Sunglasses in a box – this will be his real life activity form now.

5. Lacing Activity – or more like “tuhog” activity since we will be using as stick to “lace” the animal beads.

6. Tennis Ball in a Container – to develop his gross motor  skills

Hopefully I can update on the activities above.


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