Toy Rotation – Part 1

If you have read my earlier post, you know that Rhylie’s Play area looks like this:

DSC_0003 DSC_0002 DSC_0001

Then more recently, it got worst. I am just grateful for the poor quality of the pic, you can’t see how bad it was. =)

Play area 1

I think he gets overwhelmed by the toys he had and did not really enjoy playing with them. He will pull them out or dump them but not really play with them. So I decided to try rotating his toys. The idea is, one toy per shelf and 1 floor toy.

Play Area 2

Much better. But this is just a band-aid to the mess I have made. We are still working on improving the room since half of it is full  toys that I have dumped to free up the shelves. I also put a floor bed and he loves this. In fact, he had taken naps and had fallen asleep in here a few times.

So what do we have on the shelves?

Shelf 1  (2)

First Shelf (L-R)
Dylan the Dump Truck – He loves Dylan and will actually point to him when asked, “Rhylie, where is Dylan?”. This is a megalbloks and it has “bloks” that he puts together and pulls apart.

Cardboard Book of Nursery Rhymes – He is not into this somehow. He used to love turning the pages and looking at the pictures.

Stacking Rings – He likes this, but apparently not much. He keeps on tossing the rings out of the playpen. He can stack the rings but not order.

Piano – He used to love this but somehow he is over this.

Second Shelf (L-R)

Fischer Price Phone – He enjoys playing with this for the sound and the mechanisms. But he does not recognize this as phone. When I tell him to call Bing Ang on this, he will use his bare hands or his “cordless phones”, the ones that came with his other toys to pretend call.

Pounding toy – Not in his skill set. But I still left it there. For now, he can recognize that the hammer is used to pound the pegs but when he tries, he misses and his pounding, not enough force. (Where is the hammer? Hmn..)

Blocks – Love, Love, Love this one. He can stack them kinda high. They are of good qualitym the colors are nice and some of the blocks have special features that makes them interesting. he also loves throwing out of the playpen, I think he likes the clunking sound it makes. In the evening when I get home, I would stack the blocks and he will topple them over. I will pretend cry and he giggles.

FP Catterpillar – He can push and pull the 2 pegs, but the middle on has to be rotated and his chunky fingers still can’t manage that. 2/3 is not bad I guess.

Shelf 1  (1)

Just another angle.

Shelf 1  (3)

His floor toy is his basketball and a couple of balls.

Shelf 1  (4)

The mainstays. Pooh Bear of course, and his unbreakable mirror. He also has Tigger and Sophie the Giraffe. Both were not photographed since they live on the bedside table.

So this is how I am arranging his toys and honestly, this method is very effective. He learned to play with each of his tou and even knows that the blocks go on their tray and Dylan’s Blok pieces goes on the Dump Truck. He is able to enjoy his toys more and a bonus, cleanup is a breeze!

This weekend, I am switching the toys up. He had this set up for almost 2 weeks and most bloggers suggest rotate toys every 2 weeks. Hopefully we can update soon.

Here’s praying that I also finish the rest of the room.


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